Stinking Bishop

  • Country : England
  • Old Region : Gloucestershire
  • Location : Dymock, Hunts Court Farm
  • Dairy : Charles Martell and Son
  • Cheesemaker : Charles Martell
  • Style : Semi-Soft
  • Milk : Cow
  • Breed : Gloucester
  • Treatment : Pasteurised
  • Rennet : Vegetarian
  • Rind : Washed Rind
  • Age : 8 weeks
  • Size : 1.8kg, 500g
  • Shape : Disc
  • Notes : Washed in perry made on the farm. Wrapped in beechwood band. CM is longest established specialist cheesemaker in England, with his first cheese, Double Gloucester being made in 1972. Charles Martell created this famous cheese, which came to the world’s attention as a result of featuring in a Wallace and Gromit film, using pasteurised milk from his own herd of Old Gloucester cows. The cheese is made using vegetarian rennet and is washed in a perry made from local pears, one variety of which is called Stinking Bishop, hence the name. The rind is pinky orange, soft, sticky and pungent and is wrapped in a small strip of beechwood, and the centre is soft and gooey with a pungent, fruity aroma and flavour. In 1972, there were only about 70 Gloucester cows in the world in one single herd which was being sold off. Charles Martell helped set up a new breeding society and herd book and as result the breed has been saved from what was near certain extinction with over 600 breeding females.
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