English Pinot Noir 2020

Last week I was privileged to be part of an expert tasting panel brought together to blind taste English Pinot Noirs from the 2020 vintage.
The event was organised by Marasby, a business set up to be ‘your destination for everything local, sustainable, and delicious’.
Founded by Talya and Simon, they have created a platform for sustainable, high quality UK produce, starting with wine.
In their own words, ‘it’s the home of British Delicious’.
As well as the two founders, they work closely with wine expert and photographer Ed Dallimore, author of The Vineyards of Britain.
I highly recommend checking out Marasby’s website – full of information and ideas about local produce as well as seasonal guides. Click here to see for yourself.
I also suggest that anyone with an interest in wine should take a look at Ed’s superb and informative book. Click here to take a look.
The tasting itself was held at the fabulous Drop, Kensington. This lovely wine bar and wine shop is a perfect venue and one you should visit yourself.

The tasting comprised twelve English Pinot Noirs all tasted blind. As Simon said before we started, many winemakers learned a lot about their potential to make still red wine during the hot summer of 2018 and therefore 2020 (also a great vintage) meant they were able to put all the learnings into practice.
It was with great anticipation and interest that my fellow expert panellists and myself started pouring, swirling, sniffing and slurping our way through the line-up.

Martin’s Lane Vineyard Pinot Noir (Essex)
Lyme Bay Winery Pinot Noir (Devon : Essex fruit)
Hattingley Valley Still Pinot Noir (Hampshire : Kent fruit)
Davenport Vineyards Diamond Fields Pinot Noir (East Sussex)
Heppington Single Estate Pinot Noir (Kent)
Gusbourne Boot Hill Pinot Noir (Kent : East Sussex fruit)
Artelium Artefact No 1 Barrel Aged Pinot Noir (East Sussex)
Giffords Hall LVII – XIX Pinot Noir (Suffolk)
Simpsons Rabbit Hole Pinot Noir (Kent)
Oxney Organic Estate Single Estate Pinot Noir (East Sussex)
Danbury Ridge Wine Estate Pinot Noir (Essex)
Oastbrook Pinot Noir (East Sussex)

I am not going to comment on the wines here, as that is Marasby’s prerogative, so if you would like to see the results of the tasting, please follow the link to Marasby.

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